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The Four Stages of Mankind’s Expansion


We may all know that the history of mankind has been shaped according to these 4 periods:

-> Era of Hunting / Gathering
-> Era of Agriculture
-> Era of Industrialization
-> Era of Information

Thus, we tend to consider that we live in the age of information even though different countries tend to be more industrialzed than others or more agricultural. Each age that is mentioned has provided an additional reservoir of economical growth. We were striving for survival within our own little group in the beginning of our times, then we fought for feeding a city, a state (or even an empire). Today, information tends to “feed” the world. What comes next? Should we now provide food for the universe?

Yes, in the expansion of mankind we have to extend the scope of our nuturing. We are about to reach the limit of our development, that’s why we now have to address it at a different level.
We finally come to :
-> The Era of Awareness

What does this Era mean exactly? This means that we need, as human beings, to focus our intentions to provide real spiritual materials to ourselves. We are currently destroying our planet and without a globlal increase of our awareness, we might be led to our self-destruction.

Awareness is more powerful than information. Information may lead to intelligence but it’s not necessarily the source of higher awareness.
Caring about other beings, which may also include plants, requires not only theorical information but also experiential information which can nurture a proper awareness.
To make this era of awareness happen we need to cultivate our virtues by elevating our standards toward harmony. Awareness leads to harmony which can be only possible at a global (even universal) scale and not just in our neighborhood but we may need to start from our own family circle, though.


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