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Why Do We Sometimes Feel Lost In Our Lives?

Have you ever felt stuck or unwieldy in your daily routine? You may have experienced frustration that you are not performing well enough or not achieving the set out goals. I had been there myself, until I realised my happiness depended on outward conditions. It this then, that I discovered focusing on the outside often leads to dissatisfaction and pain; that  I was also focusing on the results, not the journey.

We may lose our core values by ignoring what is happening within.

Success fills us with temporary joy but we must not forget what we stand for if we want to truly succeed.

A Value Can Be Broken Down Into Several Habits

Blindly chasing a goal might not be be the best of starts. Methodical and a well thought out approach can achieve much better results. Results that are in sync with our core values.

An example: you might want to be a millionaire, but this goal might be out of reach if it does not agree with your set of values. Having challenging goals will only give you the energy needed to achieve them when they are in tune with who you are and when they will not compromise other values. Being millionaire can be related to freedom, power and social recognition. But what happens if we value security more than freedom? This discrepancy may prevent us from realising this very dream.

We May Have A Finger In More Than One Pie

Being aware of our role models and our core values will help us clarify what we really want thus enabling us to solve any problems. We may need to prioritise our values to be sure we can properly address a particular goal. Sometimes we may have to give up on one of our goals because deep down it is not what we really want and who we really are.

Each Goal Has An Energy And A Direction

We can tap into a goal’s energy as much as we want and as long as it’s true to our own identity. We may suffer from wanting to realise someone else’s aim first if we are not able to listen to our inner voice. Inner voice (gut feeling) is essential to any successful undertaking. Resisting unhealthy cravings and desires is also an asset which can be reinforced by meditation or exercising. We may then get an important information from our body. Meditation and exercising activates an unconscious part of our brain that allows us to hear our inner voice. Being able to hear it we we will be more “united”, within the body and the mind. A walk in nature will bring similar feeling.

To sum up, feeling lost can be a positive signal that we need to assess certain aspects of our lives; if our focus is consistent to who we are and what we stand for.

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