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Is There Greatness In Laziness?


Work has a primary function in our societies. It is the symbol of our integration and sometimes of our reason to live. In such a context, it would be absurd to claim laziness which is the very opposite of this value. However, there is wisdom and perhaps even nobility in it, let’s see why.

Work is a conscious effort that one produces to carry out a task or to put a body in motion. There is no direct correlation between work and the idea of love. In fact, the existence of work is justified by a relationship of interest, usually social or economic.
Laziness, on the contrary, is the rejection of this interested relationship to the world. Laziness is a pause in a frenetic world. It is the brake on the car pedal to slow down and ask yourself if you are going in the right direction. Laziness is not a virtue in itself, but its consequences can be virtuous. When we stop for a moment to contemplate the world and our lives, we give ourselves the opportunity to step back and consider whether we are enjoying what we are doing and whether we are headed in the right direction.

And by taking the time to know what we love, we connect with a certain nobility. To act with love is to act without effort and the absence of effort is laziness. Thus, laziness, because it helps us ask the right questions, allows us to put love back into our lives where it may have disappeared. Love is nothing but the cardinal value of nobility.

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