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It’s Never Too Late To Be A Top Athlete


An athlete is not a body, it is above all a mind shaped by the rigor and discipline forged over the years. What distinguishes a top athlete from an amateur is above all the heart and the head. The habit of repeated training with a certain requirement has the effect of rewiring our brain. However, this assiduity is not the prerogative of athletes, we can all, at any time in our lives, make the choice to acquire the spirit of the athlete and this whatever our physical condition.

Since the uniqueness of a champion lies in his head, it is appropriate to use the same principles but apply them to other fields. Thus, the taste for excellence cultivated by the habit of giving the best of oneself is what one must seek. On the other hand, the athlete has a taste for process. One must literally fall in love with the path of excellence even though it seems to be boring because of the repetition. Apparent routine is synonymous with success. The athlete does not lament doing endless repetitions, on the contrary he enjoys it because he sees further. He knows that this repetition is directly linked to the result he wants to achieve. Moreover, he is happy with the smallest improvements, they are a source of joy for him and give him the confidence to continue.

Having the athlete’s mindset implies, first of all, knowing what goal you want to achieve. Then, it is necessary to break down this goal into smaller results that we could call milestones. Finally, each milestone should be a daily habit that is put in place. An athlete is only as good as the amount of effort repeated every day over a long period of time. We tend to overestimate the results we can achieve in the short term while underestimating those we can achieve in the long term. Conversely, we tend to neglect our daily actions when they produce phenomenal results in the long term. It is therefore necessary to renew a form of patience and humility for a long period before the first significant results appear. This explains why many people give up along the way. It is necessary to change one’s relationship with time and to keep confidence in the idea that an action accomplished over a long period of time will inevitably bring a tangible result. The key here is to have the wisdom to wait.

Don’t wait any longer, become the athlete you always wanted to be in a field. Make the choice to give the best of yourself, chances are you will become the best in your field. The key values here for success are patience, clarity and faith in the process.

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