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Is Anonymity The Next Luxury?


We are witnessing the emergence of influencers’ society. People trade their privacy and intimacy for fame and money, which is somehow a kind of soliciting, isn’t it?

Why is being anonymous a luxury?

As people give up their intimacy to earn money, what would they do if they didn’t have to do so? They probably wouldn’t chase celebrity, as being famous may threaten what they weren’t aware of until becoming famous, such as walking around without being harassed or simply enjoying the pleasure of melting into the crowd, for example.
Being famous may confer some privileges but they fade away when peace of mind is lost at the same time.

I don’t know what fame is, so I may not be right in my comments. I must say that it gives a sense of power, increases self-love and facilitates success on material terms as well as relationships. However, when it comes to self-realization, fame may be an obstacle, since self-realization requires solitude and deep understanding of oneself.  Indeed, as the society progresses, people want to increase their standards and tend to get away from vain satisfactions.

Then, why spend time in building a reputation and connecting with the world since there are  deeper ways to connect which pass through a spiritual path?
So, once the consciousness of the world is much higher, the need for fame and recognition will disappear, and the highest level of recognition will be to be able to reconnect with our true self.

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