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The Importance of Tapping into a High Energy


We may be confused or distracted from our path sometimes in our life. In situations of doubt, fear or incertitude, it’s important to hold on to something that is much bigger than us. That could mean looking at the big picture and remembering our life’s purpose or thinking deeply of our core values or simply connecting with God through prayers.

When we do that, we actually can tap into an energy that we need and which enables us to to have an elevated mind. Only something that is superior to us can help us, otherwise we may be stuck in the same place for not having looked up. If we are drowning ourselves we need help from someone who is not in the same situation, preferably someone with a boat or a jet sky.

Why do we fail to reconnect with this “high energy”?

Possibly because we are not aware of the power of these high energy sources and maybe because we are trapped by ill-intentioned people who pretend to want to help while they just rob our money or take advantage of us.
Another reason is that it requires effort when most people just want to find effortless solutions.

Once we are able to reconnect with this high energy, we then are more harmonized and congruent. Our vision gets clearer and we are more inclined to giving up bad habits since high and a low energies cannot coexist in the same mind, one chases away the other.
So, this is why it is essential to always feed ourselves with powerful energies to feed our body (food and exercise), our mind (reading, meditation, prayer, etc.) or our emotions (select carefully what we read, what we watch, what friends we want to have, etc.). The best way to maintain a high level of energy is to create a daily routine (also called a ritual) so it is not a big effort to maintain since it becomes a habit.

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