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If it’s hard, you’re probably headed in the right direction 

When circumstances become difficult, the temptation to give up is great. Yet, there are important lessons to be learned from times when you have to grit your teeth. Let’s look at 3 reasons to persevere and one reason not to.

Difficulty is there to take you to the next level

A muscle needs mass to get stronger. A man needs difficulty to develop his intelligence, his will and his courage. Difficulty in itself is always an opportunity to become better and move to a higher stage. Airplanes need an opposing mass of air to take off, without the existence of this flow they would remain grounded forever. The same is true of people who have made history. There was undoubtedly a seed of splendor within them, but it is above all the experiences they had on their way that shaped them. Without adversity, they would not have evolved or at least would not have had a reason to do so. There is potentially the seed of a new Gandhi in each of us, but if we do not face the same pitfalls and accept the same challenges as the Mahatma, we will inevitably stray from his path and destiny in the end.

Reaching a new level takes time

The urge to give up is often related to the lack of patience we all have at some point. It is because we want to go faster than the music that we end up getting discouraged. We tend to overestimate our short-term results, while underestimating our long-term results. This is why it is necessary to recalibrate our expectations in both the short and long term. If you despair, you are doing it wrong, you will have to improve your skills, so that you are in line with your goals. A great piece of wisdom here is to be patient enough to reach the expected level of skill so that you can move to the next level on your journey.

If you run away from difficulty, you will sooner or later find it elsewhere

Whether you like it or not, the difficulty you run away from one day, you will have to face it sooner or later. It is therefore most often futile to run away from difficulty. When you give up, you look away for a moment from a poor reflection (the same one that highlighted your shortcomings), without seeing that you are still taking those same shortcomings with you. If you lacked patience in completing project A, you will likely lack patience in project B. You will have to be patient sooner or later, no matter how much you hide this shortcoming and no one sees it. Deep inside you, this flaw is hiding and it could resurface at any time. This is why you need to kill this flaw and it is by the proof of experience that you will demonstrate that you have triumphed over your own shortcomings.

Getting to know yourself

The difficulty allows us to meet ourselves. Without difficulty, it is difficult for us to know who we really are. It is through repeated confrontation, through victories but also through defeats that we learn who we really are. Without this, we will be constantly in an illusory reflection, in a series of assumptions, in fantasies of what we imagine to be.

THE reason that should make you turn back: being consumed from within

Sometimes we believe that it is good to persevere no matter what happens. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are times when it is necessary to let go, and that is when “persevering” does not rhyme with “preserving”. If you have the unpleasant feeling that what you are doing, whether it is your work or the project you are engaged in, is slowly destroying you, it is wise to know how to throw in the towel. A Chinese proverb says “if you have not been killed, you can fight again”. A dead man can’t fight anymore, that’s why in any project you engage in, you must be aware not to sabotage your physical (health), emotional (mental health), intellectual (your abilities) and spiritual dimensions. A worthy project should stimulate you to make yourself better, not consume you from within to the point that you become a shadow of your former self.

Of course, any large-scale project will call upon you in a more or less intensive way. This should not, however, deplete your vital capital or your ethics.

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