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God Lives In Our Hearts, If We Leave Enough Room For Him


God is a personal experience, it is a friendship that we must nurture to keep it alive. The problem is that the distractions of everyday life prevent us from making the necessary effort to leave enough space in our hearts to hold a divine breath. The pursuit of money, fame, recognition and attention from those we are attracted to, constantly distract us from the peace experienced when connected to God.

It is not easy to maintain this connection because life exposes us to countless desires. Just being human makes us vulnerable to the need for social connection, which can come at a price. Our actions that are filled with low desires ultimately materialize into bad outcomes. The ideal would be to live constantly with the consciousness of the divine and to do everything we do in its honor, no matter how humble the action.

When we have succeeded in creating this link with the divine, a suit of light protects us in a way. We put on a spiritual veil that serves as our armor, at least for a while. Like any garment that comes into contact with dirt, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The spiritual garment works the same way, except that it does not require soap and water to clean it, only a devotional reminder, usually in the form of prayers or mantras for example. Of course, body hygiene can help our spiritual hygiene, but not everyone has the possibility to take a shower at different times of the day, whereas it is almost always possible to punctuate our day with spiritual recollections.

In order to make room for God in our hearts, we also need to empty ourselves: to get rid of some of our desires, to put ourselves in a sort of retreat position. Abstaining from eating for a few hours can also be a good example of creating a void in which the divine can enter. Only after these efforts can we have a chance to recreate that connection we all had at birth.

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