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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Want To Retire

Jigoro Kano

5 reasons to never retire

1 – Do Not Plant The Seed Of Decline In Your Mind

Life is long when you work and suddenly time can speed up when you retire: it becomes the beginning of the end.

Not wanting to germinate the idea of ​​decline in one’s mind may be one of the reasons for not withdrawing from the workforce.

When you retire everything changes in some way. You stop being active and you start to become a “burden” on society. Isn’t it terrible to imagine this for yourself?

The transition to a professional retirement period can be brutal. Often people are ill-prepared and they end up spending years adjusting to this new life sometimes in suffering and misunderstanding. When not the frustration of a lack of a clear goal, it is often the anxiety from boredom that takes precedence.

Isn’t it better to leave this world by being active and full of life rather than in a dull routine of which retirement too often resembles.

2 – When You Work You Have Both Energy, Motivation, A Goal And A Social Circle

Having a job that you love is guaranteed a dose of motivation, energy and even daily passion. If you get up in the morning with a big smile on your face for a job that feeds you on all levels, why stop? Of course, there are many painful occupations and retirement is often thought of as compensation for the sacrifices made for having served a less than desirable position. But if you have found the job that suits you, you could find the almost ultimate meaning of your life there, and you could meet all your needs whether they are material, social or even spiritual.

3 – If You Live With The Idea Of Never Retiring, You Will Make The Right Choices Now

If you tell yourself now that you will never retire, you will be making the right choices today. You will not postpone the wishes of a lifetime of travel, enriching meetings or exhilarating achievements.
If you know from the start that retirement is not an option, you will live in the moment and will not put off your deepest aspirations. How many people did not live their passion until the twilight of their life? Unfortunately, even workers may leave this world without having ever tasted the life they would have liked. I’m not saying it’s easy. It may be more difficult because such a choice is demanding. However, if you make a serious commitment to living the life you aspire to and pay slight sacrifices at first, you will have the privilege in the long run of accomplishing the things that really inspire you.

4 – If You Do What You Like The Idea Of Retirement Has No Reason To Exist

Do you remember those evenings when you were children where you were torn because your parents wanted to leave? You made new friends and didn’t understand why your parents decided to leave.

Retirement should provide the same feeling if you are passionate about the job you do. However, in most cases retirement rhymes with relief. This is a sign that this work has not brought you the joy, satisfaction, comfort or even the love you deserve. Tell yourself that if you do what you love, you should never leave the party in the middle of the evening.

5 – Your personal esteem is intact, you can become a master

If you are productive, your self-esteem remains intact. Your self-esteem and your productivity can even increase over time. You will thus be able to acquire the title of master in the discipline to which you have devoted most of your time. Isn’t this the case for martial arts masters? Their teachings are followed until their last breath,  and even after their death, their image is revered as an icon. This does not mean you must aspire to such a life, but rather my intention is only that you understand how a life without retirement can be rich and rewarding.

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