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What Is Going On Behind The Scenes Of This Life?


Whilst laying on the shadow of a firm plane tree, listening to the birds singing, I am asking myself, what is going on behind these all? I could watch either with the Aesthetic or Questioning eyes wandering about the connections hidden from human eyes.

From a long time ago, these two procedures were taken by many artists and scientists dealing with the wonders of nature and also encountering natural disasters. They were astonished by this harmony and connection that joins different particles together and seems to be based on very delicate rules governing nature.

The artists expressed their wonder in different forms, from poems to drawings and music. Scientists tried to uncover the existing rules and by following the patterns, they have invented whatever that would facilitate living aspects.

The aesthetic perspective prefers to stay bewildered and praise and extend this astonishment, while a researcher or a scientist compares, scales and measures what is measurable hoping to solve the puzzle and understand the connections.

Eventually, which keys would open the mysteries and could manifest behind the scenes of this theater? Maybe none of these two paths! To be able to see beyond what is apparent, one needs to unlearn the ideas, tags even the emotions we hold of the seemingly separated shapes and forms.

Looking with the keen eyes of pure bewilderment and enthusiasm in the presence of a peaceful avid mind gives you a new magic wand that, without naming, connects you to the universe and shows the miraculous connection of each component to another and to the whole.

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