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Why you should think of yourself as a medical student if you’re going into business?


Notables and entrepreneurs One thing that is common to both notable professions (professions related to law, medicine, politics or higher education) and entrepreneurship is the length of time it takes to acquire the skills. However, there is a big difference between the professions of notables and entrepreneurship, and that is the formality of the studies. There are no – or…


Use what you lack

quelqu'un cherchant ce qui lui manque

Be informed when Club xThinking opens The discovery of unfair advantages that we enjoy without knowing it There is often something that irritates us, that torments us because it gives us the impression that it is holding us back in our progress. The fact of not having been advantaged in life can indeed prove to be a heavy handicap except…


I Am Responsible


A powerful mantra to repeat every day It is very tempting to blame others for a situation that works against us. It takes the weight of responsibility off our shoulders and keeps us from questioning ourselves. Of course, there are things we cannot control about the outcome of an undertaking. We can bemoan the circumstances, but it is better to…