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Creating your own moat


The job market is a gladiatorial arena for some in which you have to deploy the best weapons to outperform your opponents. Why not flee the competition? Why not apply the Blue Ocean strategy? When you face a competitor there are three main strategies for defeating them: engage in a head-on, merciless head-to-head battle, dissuade them from fighting, or take…


MBA : Must Be Avoided?


There is a craze going on for the past 15 years about MBA. Trading sereval years of savings as well as one to two years of a full time job for acquiring a “cream of the crop” network and one additional good line on your resume, but does really worth it? It seems not, unless you want to escape for…


Traits of Emotionally Wealthy People

Are you chasing after the right kind of wealth? by Rhett Power from Which would you rather be—financially wealthy or emotionally wealthy? You might not realize it, but having mental strength—or an acute awareness of the power behind your emotions and how best to use them and act on them—is much more worthwhile than having a cushy bank account.…

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