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The Art Of Asking The Right Questions


Tap into the conscious and unconscious capacities of the brain to solve problems

The possibilities of the brain are still poorly measured. There are many followers of the positive and I wanted to present another aspect of this thought to you. 

It is from the book Afformations by Noah St John. His idea is simple: the brain is constantly working to solve problems. The concern being that we give bad problems to solve given that we start from a postulate. 

Such bad starting points create a spiral of negativity that prevents you from seeing the end of the tunnel.

So, if for example you do not receive a promotion at your work, do not try to understand why, because you are going to germinate in your mind this certainty and ultimately you will find yourself all the reasons not to deserve this promotion. Do the opposite, ask yourself why you will receive this promotion. By doing this , you will begin to see the glass half full and you will attract all the great opportunities on your way. You will work both your conscious and subconscious mind to solve this positive problem which will create much better beliefs. 

The change of mentality is a fairly long process but if you start to reformulate your inner questions today, you will create a lasting and deep change in yourself. Be patient, you will see the results will be there. 

When you rephrase the right questions, you become proactive and you control the answers to the circumstances. Your mind is a garden, if you are not careful, weeds will grow which can make you miserable. However, when you get into the habit of answering powerful questions, you can sow the seeds of change to reap a bright future. The most miraculous in a way is that once you have suggested this new question in you, your mind is self-nourishing, creating a virtuous circle. It is as if you had an automatic watering, the only responsibility to plant the good seeds and you spirit will take care of transforming your enclosure into Garden of Eden .  Why not try this little tip? It will allow you to take the height and keep your center of attention on what you want to attract in your life. This technique is part of a palette of tricks that you can deploy to tame your brain and reach a better level of achievement in your life. Choose the one that suits you best, it can be meditation, prayer, positive autosuggestion etc. Some will not please you, that is why it is necessary to explore them all until you discover the one that brings both serenity and accomplishment. Often an assortment of several techniques can be recommended in order to adopt the one that is best suited according to the time of day, mood or the ease with which you can use this technique.  

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