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3 Levels Of Creation


Level 0: No Creation, Training, Execution

This is a task or job that consists of the pure execution of instruction. To perform these tasks, it is sufficient to apply the instructions in a more or less detailed manual to complete a task. This type of work could be that of a teleoperator in which it is sufficient to follow a script. This type of task or job is most threatened by the automation revolution because it offers no comparative advantage over artificial intelligence. However, it is an essential level that we all go through whatever our job, it is according to the basics (kata in Japanese) without which the first levels of creation cannot exist.

Popularization Or Transcription

The aim here is to reformulate ideas or concepts that have been assimilated. The idea is to make them more accessible to the audience, readers or viewers. This is the first level of creation because it involves an effort of synthesis which in itself is a skill linked to creativity. To work on this level of creation, you have to get into the habit of reading, listening or watching something and then transcribing what you have understood. This is typically what we do at school. Translating from one language to another also belongs to this type of creation.

The Level Of Fluidity Of Ideas

Here, it is a question of building bridges between disciplines that seem to be unrelated. To nourish this type of creativity, we must multiply the number of experiences and readings, we must really make an effort to nourish the mind with images, concepts, sensations. It’s a bit like artificial intelligence, which needs an immense amount of information to function and be relevant. The more information your subconscious mind can draw from in your memory, the more you will be able to excel at this level of creation.

Pure Inspiration

This is a somewhat mystical approach because this level is defined as the inspiration coming from the collective intelligence. It is the highest creation since it is not based on any known pre-existing work. It is a matter of drawing from a high, subtle vibratory level, from the “superconscious”. To do this, your art, your work must become a real obsession. It is the highest level because it involves the most demanding work.

Of course, to be able to reach the highest level of creation, you have to go through the different stages: learning the technique (repeating), nourishing your mind (contemplating the masters), building bridges between the disciplines you have discovered, seeing possibilities for innovation based on what already exists. Thus, great athletes and great artists have applied themselves to excel at each of the stages and have only tried to find shortcuts on the road to mastery. There is no such thing as a silly profession as long as you progress and do not remain confined to a lower level of creation. Choose a path, then dedicate yourself body and soul to reach the level of mastery and then be an ultimate creator.

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