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You’re A Rough Diamond That You Need To Cut


We all have a natural greatness that we forget over time, whether through education or a social context that pushes us to fit in, to choose a role that we have not necessarily chosen. Thus, we spend our lives occupying roles without having really (at least apparently) wanted to, sometimes as a child, sometimes as a student, sometimes as a salaried employee, etc…. These roles shape you and prevent you from having another perspective on yourself.

Think of you like a diamond

You have nobility. Or mistreated or spoiled you when you were little, thus corrupting your purity, you forgot who you really are.

How to cut the diamond that we are?

You must seek purity, authenticity, virtue, honesty, benevolence or kindness. Then, it is necessary to practice this nobility of heart daily wherever you can.

You must overcome trials always in the highest possible way, that is, by acting according to a code of honor from which you will not deviate.

You must draw from the depths of yourself, and to do this you must not be afraid to lay yourself bare. You must test yourself and take up the demanding challenges you have given yourself. If you don’t set the bar high, you’ll never know what you’re capable of. You have to look deep inside yourself for what you want. Once you have a clear idea, give yourself 100% without deviating from your goal. Sacrifice all pleasures, all honours, immediate gains, give yourself heart and soul for many months or even years. It is only at this price that you will be able to cut yourself into a brilliant diamond. Without this work, you will never shine because there will always be impurities that you will not have touched. Work is the main value to embody to obtain this state. You must nevertheless find the type of activity in which you wish to give yourself entirely, you have the embarrassment of choice.

Get rid of these toads, go to the essentials, work day and night, relentlessly. As long as you do not feel you are shining in any way, it will mean that you have not yet reached the state of a cut diamond.

Once you have reached this state, you will be able to shine and glow, but be careful not to pick up dust, polish your surface so that you always shine. Cleaning the diamond is to gain a certain level and not to let yourself. Nevertheless, when you have reached the diamond state (which is long and painful), it will be much easier for you to return to the state of brilliance because this state is second nature, you are wired that way. It is easier to dust yourself off than to polish yourself from scratch. By being a brilliant diamond you benefit from a certain inertia. Don’t rest on your laurels though.

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