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What You Sacrifice Defines You

As many overlook it, life in northern countries was shaped by winter. That’s because people were anxious about winter and its calamities (starvation, diseases etc.) that they were eager to work hard all year long. Since almost nothing could be harvested during that season, people learnt  how to save and make provisions for bad times. As we don’t experience such hard conditions anymore, we may have become more relaxed and laid back. However when a crisis comes up, the attitude of the past may  break through once again, resulting in a much higher propensity to depression than people of the “South”. The economic success of northern countries (from Japan, China, Korea, Europe, etc.) is all related to the deeply rooted fear of winter that makes people work harder, save more and invest in anticipation of a difficult situation.

So, we understand that sacrifice gives long-term payoffs (working hard brings economic success). Below is a segmentation of the four traits of people according to their willingness to sacrifice.
There are four personalities that are characterized by their tendency. There are four stages in life as there are as many seasons. You may express yourself better at a particular age.

Spring: Childhood /Young Adulthood
You may have enjoyed childhood better compared to other stages of your life, although you may not have learnt the sense of sacrifice which causes one to perform less well than other child at different ages.

Summer: Adulthood

If the best time of your life is adulthood, that means you tend to be a down to earth person.

Autumn: Retirement / Old Age

If you perform better at that age, it means that you have worked hard or cleverly all your life in order to be at ease at this age. You tend to think more in the future and you anticipated risk. You’re ready to make sacrifices.

Winter: After Life
If you have prepared your life for death, we can definitely say that you’re a spiritual person even if we’re sure about what happens after life. You have a high sense of  sacrifice and you have learnt to be detached from material things.

This isn’t a dogmatic rule: you can learn at a later age the sense of sacrifice that you haven’t learnt before.  Whereas winter people seem to have sacrificed throughout all the other stages of life, autumn people sacrifice summer and spring, summer people sacrifice their childhood, and spring people never learnt the concept of sacrifice.

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