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Satisfaction As A Leverage For Productivity


The dominant thinking invites us to constantly keep in mind a form of dissatisfaction to always do more. If this mindset is good in the short term, it is in my opinion harmful in the long term. The goal of productivity is to free up more time to do what you love, so what is the point of cultivating dissatisfaction?

It is important to set ambitious goals each week, the problem arises in my opinion when these goals seem too big and they demotivate us. It is better to set one big daily goal and wishes to achieve if we have the time and energy to do so. This will give you both clarity and confidence.

When your big daily goal is achieved, you feel a sense of well-being that you can surf on. If you have already achieved your goal, your good mood and confidence will serve as a propeller towards the wishes you have without having to work under pressure. You will be efficient but relaxed, which may seem like a paradox. However, it is a favorable state to concretize all the tasks that do not require an extreme level of creativity.

Thus, it is not necessary to maintain a feeling of discontent throughout the day to be productive. Trying to achieve a sense of satisfaction as soon as possible (by reaching an ambitious goal) can improve self-esteem and happiness quite simply. Productivity is not an end, it’s just a way to control a little more of the time we have in our hands, it’s a roundabout way to be happier in a fast-paced world.

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