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What Is The Value Of Goodness?


Good has no market value, yet it is what keeps us alive. The small acts of kindness and generosity that we receive are priceless heart balms. The impression of not having enough money pushes us to neglect the good that does not bring immediate profitability.
If we refuse to remove these blinkers, we look at the world through the prism of our financial insecurity.
Our whole being is transformed, we become greedy and obsessed by the lure of gain and other temptations. Of course, we manage to wear a mask and hide our intentions, but soon we will betray who we really are in the details of our behavior.

Goodness has no financial value yet it is a mandatory passport to connect with enlightened beings. Without the search for goodness, we gradually sink into the abyss of humanity. The greed that stains our person makes the beings of light flee. Gradually we surround ourselves with dark personalities who are hostile to us without realizing it. Without a vibratory change through the purification of our desires by ennobling our intentions, we will not be able to get closer to luminous entities.
Good has no value in the material world, yet it is the highest frequency of the immaterial world.

When we choose to let go of the stains of vile or selfish desires, we make a change that places us higher in the impalpable hierarchy. Of course, this is not visible at first glance. We may even suffer the scorn of those who are obsessed with money or any other prosaic aspect of life. However, working to welcome the friendship of luminous entities is in itself the source of a profound joy. A humble joy indeed, but one that the more affluent might envy since it is not certain that they will ever taste it.

Good has value, but it has no price. We can and should aspire to prosperity, but it must always be subordinated to the search for good.

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