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The Importance Of The Framework


Moral, philosophical or religious rules that may seem rigid at first sight have a purpose: to put us on the right track.

The requirement to follow conventions that sometimes seem anachronistic, archaic or even simply absurd, is just as important. The idea is to transform the being through obedience to a framework. It is not so much the achievement of a result that is important, but the inner transformation necessary to get there.

This principle applies to all things: no matter what you undertake, as long as you set out to achieve a specific ambitious result, you should reap the benefits of ennobling your inner qualities. As long as you have given it your best shot.

The framework should not be experienced as a burden that prevents you from breathing. It is rather a launching pad that sends you to the top of your moral qualities.

For example, the effort required to live as a vegan requires a certain amount of self-denial and organization. The trade-off is that you will be able to live in congruence with the idea of respect for the animal condition. The apparent deprivation of the gustatory pleasure of flesh is accompanied by a greater personal satisfaction, a coherence and even a harmony between your ideas and your actions.

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