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Know Which Type Of Family You Belong To: Spartan Or Athenian


There are two types of families, those that are supportive and rely on each other, and others that rely on the resourcefulness of their offspring, so know to which one you belong.

Your parents may have sent you mixed messages: they tell you that you can always count on them when things go wrong, but when that happens, they slip away and leave you high and dry.

Don’t feel sorry for them, you just took their words at face value. Your family is probably not a solidary type (they will be called Athenian) but rather adventurous (they will be called Spartan). Don’t get lost, know where you have been. If you belong to a supportive family, you have a tacit contract of mutual assistance. Your family provides you with material and emotional support throughout your life, and you will do the same. Strong bonds have been built between you, and you progress through this mutual help.

In the case of a Spartan family, you will owe your survival to your own abilities without any mutual help. This is not necessarily bad, but it must be clear in your mind, otherwise you will lose precious years and make plans with bad foundations. So it is better to let yourself fall and then cling to a strong branch than to cling to a fragile branch initially which will break sooner or later without you expecting it.

If you are a Spartan type family, you must be an explorer, a conqueror, you cannot stay in the vicinity of your parents. You have to fly on your own wings, this means taking the big leap and not looking back. Your parents have abandoned you, but it is for your own good. They don’t owe you anything after all, but the reverse is also true. Perhaps if you wish, once you have succeeded, you can help them in a burst of magnanimity, but you don’t have to. You’re like a weaned lion who has to go off to conquer a new territory, he’s out of the pack, he can come back but only as leader of the pack. Conversely, an Athenian family would be like a pack of wolves whose members never separate and who watch over each other all their lives. As such, we can observe that in Europe, there is a tendency for the “Spartan” family among the Nordic and Germanic populations, in contrast to the southern countries with a more Athenian culture.

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