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Happiness Needs Movement


The sedentary lifestyle imposed on a large scale has spread a wave of gloom. This is due to a simple fact: to experience pleasure, joy or any kind of satisfaction over a long period of time, it is necessary to move. Our distant ancestors walked enormous distances every day. The endurance that our species enjoys must explain the propensity we have to produce endorphins after making a physical effort. To stop moving is to deprive ourselves of a pleasure deeply rooted in us. There is a kind of interdependent relationship, we invest sweat and work to get a feeling of serenity.

Movement does not necessarily mean a dynamic act. Yoga is anything but a fast-paced activity. Yet, its practice offers a boost of energy and well-being. The alternation of different postures performed with a certain physical intensity provides a pleasure common to many physical activities. Remaining slumped in a chair or armchair exposes us to a physical and mental numbness. Forcing yourself to alternate postures or to perform a daily exercise is beneficial to keep your morale up.

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