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The Importance Of Cycles

4 seasons

Whether we like it or not, nature plays a role on us. Whether in the form of seasons or daily luminosity, the stars impact our rhythm and can change our dynamics of work, thought, emotion, etc… It is important to take this into account. In a rather trivial way, one could say that men are governed by a solar rhythm while women are governed by both a lunar and solar rhythm.

There is a time for everything, that is why one should not forget the wisdom of the ancients who literally lived according to the stars a fortiori according to the seasons. Each season has its benefits, it is advisable to integrate them so as not to act against the current. There is thus a time for work, rest, reflection, family life and anything else. When we are exclusively oriented around one pillar of life for long months, we create an imbalance and in the end we lose our motivation. It is wise to anticipate these developments throughout the year in order to ensure long-term harmony, which is fruitful to guarantee success in all spheres of life. Of course, it is difficult, if not impossible, to have a balanced life at a given moment t, because we are most often polarized on one aspect of life: work, health, family, intimate life, etc. Despite the difficulty of achieving balance in the present moment, we must create harmony over the course of a year, that is to say, we must be able to take care of each of the above-mentioned aspects. Naturally, depending on our age, we are more oriented towards this or that aspect of our life, nevertheless it is wise not to neglect a pole for more than a year because we risk suffering from it and it can lead to an immoderate life afterwards to “catch up” with the lost time.

So be wise, like your elders, do not neglect the important parts of life, think about the seasons and surf on the energy they put at your disposal to deepen every aspect of your life at different times of the year.

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