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If You Feel Lonely, It Is Because You Have Moved Away From God


Human relationships are fickle. They can be the source of great joy, sharing, hope and satisfaction. However, these are never guaranteed, they can be unilaterally broken without you being prepared for it. Also, it is important to maintain close ties with celestial entities, they will not betray you as long as you have not strayed from the light.

Friendship with God is paramount. It is the friendship that underlies all others. Without a strong friendship with God, friendships with others can be deleterious to others. Indeed, this lack of connection with the higher realms of heaven will cause you to try to seek elsewhere – from your friends, for example – the pure energy that is graciously offered to you through prayer, for example, provided you pray.

Also, the feeling of loneliness exists only in those who have forgotten God, because even if you are physically alone, if you have God in your heart, you will never feel alone.

The relationship with God is all the more necessary because it nourishes friendships and all the other relationships you have with those around you and with your acquaintances. When this divine friendship is strong, you radiate, you are abundant and people will seek your presence, your advice and your guidance.

This solar side is worked through the discipline that a friendship with God implies. Thus, if you feel sorry for yourself, it is a sign that you have forgotten God, that you are empty and that you urgently need to recreate this sign with this link to the divine. Be in abundance, be close to God, if you have achieved this, you are on the right path to achieve beautiful things, including beautiful friendships.

If you are close to God, you are living in the present moment. You can’t be both sad and united with God at the same time. If you are sad, it is because your spirit is in the past. If you are anxious, it is because you are living in the future, God is living in the present moment and he allows you to transcend the sorrows of time.

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