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Surfing the good waves of life


Our intuition is sometimes our most valuable asset when it comes to making a decision. The apparent chaos, or at least the upheavals we witness, leave little room for clarity. This confusion paralyzes our ability to make decisions, which makes us somewhat passive, or at least not quite passive. Indeed, not making a decision is a decision in itself. The problem is that the endless repetition of this avoidance of decision making forces us to adhere to the default status quo. How then can we know that we have made the right choices if we constantly avoid making decisions?

We can reconnect with our inner wisdom, which can serve as a guide in times of crisis. Intuition, as it is called, is like a surfer’s board that tilts as the waves pass it. It knows when we need to propel ourselves to be able to glide over the wave and when we need to refrain from doing so. Life is a succession of waves that carry us, yet we must identify them as such and recognize when to let go of those that won’t take us anywhere. We cannot surf all the waves of the ocean. Sometimes the best wisdom is patience, waiting for a better wave. Nevertheless, we must know how to take the plunge, accept that mistakes can be part of the plan. How can we know how to surf if we don’t make the mistake of “taking a wave” when our momentum or our positioning were not perfect. You have to get out of the search for the absolute right decision. Basically, we must not make the choice, we must make our choice right.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the discipline, surfing requires that you take the risk of missing out. Sometimes our intuition plays tricks on us. The bad choices we can make are never totally bad: they teach us lessons that will help us surf the next wave of life better. Of course, we can learn from others, we can continue to be a spectator. However, we can’t surf while contemplating others while we let the waves pass us by. Our life is not lived vicariously, it must be embodied as much in our good decisions as in our mistakes.

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