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Are You A Good Friend?

We all want to surround ourselves with good people. That said, you should be familiar with the expressions “whoever looks alike, gathers” or “you can’t attract flies with vinegar”. In other words, you are responsible for the quality of your entourage, you naturally attract people who look like you.

To Change Friends, We Must Improve What We Are

Since we are a reflection of those around us, or vice versa, the only thing we need to do to have better friends is essentially to be a better person. Change takes time, so it’s a long journey to make that transformation.

Accept Loneliness For A While

Since you don’t want to keep the people you’re dating, you now have to have the courage to be alone. It is not easy, of course, and it is even delicate to have to distance yourself, but it is the only way to start a deep change. The people we meet have an influence on us, if they have defects, it is very likely that they contaminate us. Also, solitude is sometimes the best defense against pernicious influences.

The Necessary Reflection

Solitude allows to start a change, as the cocoon allows the caterpillar to become a butterfly. The starting point for any transformation is a deep reflection on the person we want to be. Once we have made the decision to become that person, the change must materialize into action.

Cultivate Virtue And You Will Attract Virtuous People

If you tolerate lies in your mouth, your friends will be liars.

The idea of cultivating virtue has been around for centuries, but has grown in relevance in recent years. The concept is simple yet powerful—if we choose to cultivate virtue in our own lives, we will naturally attract others of similar character. At its core, cultivating virtue is about gaining knowledge and developing moral strength, which in turn leads to meaningful relationships. In the words of the philosopher Aristotle, “Virtue is the state of character that is both desirable and achievable.” The concept of cultivating virtue is rooted in the idea of pursuing excellence through dedication and discipline. In order to cultivate virtue, one must first understand what it is. Virtue can be defined as having moral excellence and a strong character. It involves having positive attributes, such as compassion, integrity, generosity, and respect. These qualities are essential for living a virtuous life and living in harmony with others. Cultivating virtue is not easy, but it is worth the effort. In the long run, it will lead to a more meaningful and satisfying life. When we make the effort to cultivate virtue, we become more mindful of our actions and interactions with others. We become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, which in turn leads to more meaningful relationships. The rewards of cultivating virtue are not only internal, but also external. When we strive to live a virtuous life, we tend to attract people who are similarly virtuous. We become surrounded by people who share similar values and beliefs, making it easier to form strong and lasting relationships. In conclusion, cultivating virtue is an important part of living a fulfilling life. It involves making a conscious effort to develop positive character traits and to live according to these values. Doing so leads to a more meaningful life, as well as attracting people of similar character. Ultimately, cultivating virtue is essential for a life of harmony and fulfilment.

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