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Peace and Pace

pace and peace

Peace and Pace are both familiar worlds pointing to two seemingly different directions. They have their own entourages as well. People based on their definition of success take either peace or pace as the road map of their lives. It seems that by taking one you should neglect the other, otherwise you’d lose the desired destiny.

Are these concepts contradictory? If yes, do any of these road maps lose it’s value facing the reality of life? If not, how could we find harmony in life while keeping both maps in hand? Could we find one in another?

Looking at nature is a peaceful act even recommended as a healing therapy for all. It gives you peace of mind as well as motivation to live a happy meaningful life. Indeed nature is where these two concepts merge together and make a harmonious whole.

What made this adjointment possible? What kind of trick does nature play to keep this unitedness without leaving a crack? Even in natural catastrophes and disasters still you would track this harmony.

Watching waves of the ocean, seemingly busy seagulls or the playful cat in search of food, and the movement of huge clouds, we could see this peaceful pace.

If we take a close look at the flow of life, we’ll see how spontaneous each particle of this whole is, the only thing they carry is the consciousness and knowledge of the past moments to grow forward, they won’t carry the stories of the past or desires of future. That would be a good practice for us, if we desire to see this harmony in our lives. In this sense, “Peace” is the other name of “Consciousness” and “Presence”.

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