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It Is Easier To Hate Than To Love


Love is a verb of action, which goes beyond obstacles.
Hate is cowardly, it gives up and is overwhelmed by the situation.

Love trusts the best in each of us.
Hate looks only at the dark side and ignores the light.

Love reaches out to those who need help.
Hate shuts down and doesn’t see people in distress.

Love takes risks in the belief that the best is yet to come.
Hate gives up before it even begins.

Love always finds a way to see the beautiful in everyone.
Hate only sees the faults in others and uses that as an excuse.

Love is patient and silent.
Hate is impatient and noisy.

Love is the energy that pushes us to give our best.
Hate is the torpor that drags us into the abyss.

Love is enduring and resistant.
Hate is fickle and changeable.

Love keeps the flame alive within us.
Hate consumes us slowly.

Love is generous and egoless.
Hate is selfish and divisive.

Love is helpful and invigorating.
Hate is confusing and demeaning.

Love speaks to help.
Hate speaks to criticize.

Love forgets the bad things.
Hate lives in resentment.

Love is light and protective.
Hate is heavy and debilitating.

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