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Using Hate As Food For Thought


Hate, like fear, dulls a person’s radiance. Life confronts us with the darkness of the heart, which is not always easy to deal with.
Not being aware of this hatred that is “thrown in our face” leads us to suffer it and finally let it penetrate our soul. This is the trap to which we are often led: an external agent tries to stir up our dark tendencies in order to drag us towards the depths in which he finds himself.

In order to serenely face the hazards of daily life, we must keep our consciousness clear in order to identify these disturbing elements and prevent them from doing harm. Our unconscious mind picks up emotional vibrations that emanate from others despite our will. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a conscious, daily work to “wash away” these bad influences that obscure our thinking horizon.

This work of “purification” of our thoughts is above all spiritual or philosophical. Being aware of our own energetic vibrations is important to maintain our psychic tranquility and to protect those around us. Benevolence for others begins with benevolence for oneself: if we have positive and peaceful thoughts, they will positively influence the people we meet or work with. In the same way, if I am not vigilant, and if I let hatred or fear settle in me, I will necessarily “irradiate” my environment at the risk of harming them. This work of purification is therefore personal, but it can be guided.

Training ourselves to maintain high ethical principles helps us to maintain the peace of mind so much sought after by our contemporaries. The solution to all our ills may lie in the maintenance of a foundation of values that is expressed in daily thought, speech and ultimately action. To be able to guarantee thoughts of peace and benevolence in spite of the circumstances is the real challenge of our life.

Accepting the malice of others as a test to make us better is an ambitious posture that is not easy to hold. Knowing how to find the positive path to any situation is life-saving but it is also difficult because it tests the strength of our convictions.

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