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How Do You Find A Path That Has Not Yet Been Mapped Out?


You may not realise it, but we live in an era of complete creative destruction. More than 80% of the jobs of 2030 for industrialised countries do not exist today (according to Dell’s thinktank )
This explains why it is difficult to find the royal road for sure. Gone are the days of choosing a career as a life-long notable that gave you both prestige and security. So how does this change take place? Who are these people on the front line working to initiate the professional world of tomorrow?

There are all sorts of them, but we can say that they all have one thing in common: they are autonomous and have the agility in their work that enables them to adapt to and even anticipate changes in their sector. Who better then the artisans and other entrepreneurs who are working to shape the future? For most of them, their daily lives are reduced to solving new problems, providing for new needs, all in a solitude that could make them doubt the path they have chosen. Yet wasn’t it this same solitude that accompanied the inventors and poets of yesteryear? It is a good bet that solitude is almost a prerequisite for being ahead of one’s time. Of course, it is not without risk, since it exposes you to setbacks from which it is sometimes difficult to escape. Still, you can tell yourself that if you have worked alone for a few years and that little by little you have managed to unite clients or work partners around a project, you have gained an advantage, since solitude is usually synonymous with being ahead of your time. So don’t despair of being alone for a while, it’s a must for all those who have created a new world. Over time, you will most certainly be able to unite around your project if you have a vision and are able to bring it to fruition with agility along the way.

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