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Fear Amplifies Our Differences


Why is it necessary to work every day to improve one’s heart?
One of the possible answers to this question is that it harmonizes relationships in a society.

When you work on yourself, you gradually erase the differences that separate you from others, you realize that the gap you have created with others is not so great. Daily attention to improving your heart helps to “oil” the gears of our relationships with the outside world. If you can overcome fear with a vibration of love or peace, you can cure the ills that ravage our society. If you fight injustice with a compassionate heart, you will bring light where darkness has flourished.

To do this, you must work hard not to give in to the sad passions of anger, fear and resentment. This is not easy because we are bombarded daily with messages of these same passions. We must protect ourselves from this by “consuming” as little as possible of this harmful informational nourishment. In the long run, if we are not careful, we will end up being intoxicated ourselves and “vibrate” at the same frequency as these low energies. To be an actor of harmony, one must live in harmony: disorder cannot sow harmony. The more you work intimately, discreetly, deeply to embody harmony within you, the more you will build for positive change around you. This is why it is important to follow an energetic hygiene every day. If everyone made this effort, we could easily change the whole society for good in one generation.

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