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He Who Has Stooped Before The Ant No Longer Has To Stoop Before The Lion

Henri Michaux

He who has stooped before the ant no longer has to stoop before the lion. Henri Michaux

Henri Michaux, born in Namur on May 24, 1899 and died in Paris on October 19, 1984, is a writer, poet and painter of Belgian origin of French expression naturalized in 1955.

The only humility worth expressing is that towards the humblest. Humility towards the powerful ones be is easy and rarely sincere. It is often associated with fear rather than real reverence. Thus, if you are able to stoop before the neediest, you need not stoop before others. Your true nobility was demonstrated when no one was looking at you. If you did not show presumption or any form of arrogance in this situation, if you showed humility when you needed it the least, then you managed to overcome your ego. It is not easy to do this because although we act seemingly humble, our look, our words can betray our self-importance or condescension. Many people today show charity and benevolence in front of the cameras. How sincere is this approach? Why do they feel the need to film or stage themselves? Isn’t this a vain and hypocritical approach?

It is preferable to carry out one’s good deeds in silence, with only the Universe observing us as a witness. Everything we have been able to say, think or do will show up sooner or later on our face and in the general impression we give to others. It is thus futile to try to give ourselves a good image. The truth will eventually come out one day. It’s better to work on being humble on a daily basis towards the humblest. It is our attitude towards them that is the true measure of our closeness to the divine.

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