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Cultivate The Infinite, Cultivate Your Knowledge


Infinite growth in a finite world is not possible … in a material world. This explains why it is necessary to change our life habits in order to guarantee a better future for our children. The material world has its limits, this is the human tragedy: we are finite beings with infinite desires. Faced with this incompatibility of nature, it is necessary to solve this equation by projecting this desire for infinity towards something else. It is quite possible, it is enough to turn our attention to our inner world rather than to the external and material dimension of life.

There is no limit to human development, to the acquisition of knowledge and skills. When you learn a new language, you quickly understand that you could spend a lifetime studying it, but that would not be enough to get you there. So imagine that your life is one of constant learning, you won’t have enough time to know everything. This explains why a knowledge-based economy is much more appropriate to address the problem of growth at a material level. Infinite growth is possible in the world of ideas, you just have to learn to desire knowledge rather than tangible things. Our world is dying because we suffer from a spiritual emptiness that pushes us to look outside for what we can all find inside. The thirst for infinity in the material world is nothing but madness, it is a sign of our lack of wisdom and our laziness in the sphere of ideas or spirituality.

The infinite is within our reach, we simply need to focus our attention on the good things. Desire for the infinite is proper to humanity, we cannot change that. That is why it is more than necessary to educate us to seek the infinite where we can simply find it.

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