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Building your life, one habit at a time


Our life is like a house under construction. Sometimes it’s the plumbing, sometimes the foundation, sometimes the wiring and insulation. Since we are under construction and therefore unfinished, we feel like we are living in chaos. However, if we take things in a certain order, we can find a certain coherence and even harmony. We cannot be truly balanced in all aspects of our life at the same time. However, over a longer period of time we can achieve balance in all dimensions of life, at least if we are careful (cf. The seasons of life).

The habit corresponds to each building site of our house. If I start with the foundation and focus only on that, after a while I will have finished that part and can move on. The same is true for habits. If we do them diligently and intensively for a long enough time, we will have acquired them. They will then become part of us and we will be able to move on to other things later on.

The longer we go on, the more we will have succeeded in developing a discipline that will express itself in the different aspects of our life.
In the end, the older we get, the more elaborate and complete our home becomes, even though it may be a little outdated. That is why it is advisable to do maintenance regularly, that is to say, to re-evaluate and correct the various dimensions so as not to fall into ruin through negligence.

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