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Be A Loser For A While To See The True Nature Of People

You know what the problem with being famous, rich or successful is? Well, it’s that very few people show you their true colors. Since you are a person of power, people seek your favor and therefore wear a mask to seduce, deceive or manipulate you. Under such conditions, it is difficult to know who you are dealing with. Material success is therefore accompanied by certain constraints, and not the least. If you don’t have good intuition, you risk surrounding yourself with the wrong people who may end up harming you or stabbing you in the back. That’s why it’s much wiser to have failed the first part of your life to learn to recognize the true nature of people.

Learning To Recognize The True Nature Of People

Do you know what differentiates a billionaire from a restaurant waiter? Well, it’s that waiters quickly realize the level of correctness and respect of the people they meet. The billionaire is only confronted with complacent people whereas the waiter, being in a de facto subordinate position, can quickly see the true nature of the people he is confronted with. To really know someone, you have to put yourself in a position where the other person has power over you. It is power that reveals the true nature of people. Without power, you will only see a flattened version of the person you are facing.

The First Part Of Your Life Must Be Devoted To Knowing Human Nature

Knowing your fellow man is an undeniable asset whether you want to succeed in the business world or elsewhere. To really learn about people, you need to empower them, you need to make them feel superior to you, you need to encourage their pride in you. In doing so, they will really reveal who they are. And even after you succeed, make sure as much as possible to present yourself with modesty and humility. Hide your success to get to know the people around you better. In Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the author advocates feigning weakness to encourage the enemy to make mistakes out of pride. Remember that everyone you meet is a potential enemy, so it is good to probe them, and to do so, what better way than to present yourself in a modest and discreet way.

To Learn About Human Nature, Go To Different Places

Traveling is an incredible way to understand human nature by meeting different people with different perspectives and lifestyles. By going to different places around the world, you can gain valuable experiences which will give you an insight into the depth and complexities of the people you meet.

By exploring distant and unfamiliar cultures, you can discover customs and beliefs that may seem bizarre or unusual from your own perspective. You can also build meaningful relationships with the locals, learn about their daily lives, discover the gems of these cultures and share experiences with them. This multi-dimensional approach to human interaction deepens your understanding of humanity today and in the future, which is a core essence of travelling.

One way to further deepen your understanding of human nature is to immerse yourself in their historical roots and legacy. By visiting historic sites and exploring cultural artifacts, you can gain valuable insights into how people lived in the past and what they valued. Such experiences can help you to appreciate the deep roots of diverse cultures, understand their attitudes and customs, and better appreciate our shared global history and culture.

Furthermore, visiting different places and engaging with their people requires effective communication skills. Acquiring the art of understanding different cultures and communicating in different languages can be an invaluable asset, as it can provide you with an all-encompassing understanding of human nature and a broader worldview.

By going to different places, different cultures, and learning about different people and their ways, you can acquire a multi-dimensional understanding of human nature and the human experience as a whole. You will gain invaluable insights into different lifestyles, diversified customs, and varied ways of life. From beautiful cities and lovely villages, to ancient ruins, forests, and sacred sites, you could always explore something new and learn something valuable about ourselves and others at the same time. So if you want to gain a deeper insight into human nature and our shared global heritage, get up, pack your bags and start exploring!

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