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Where Sex Reigns, Love Is Absent


The frantic and uncontrolled search to satisfy in a thousand ways our sexual desire is more a matter of an existential and spiritual void than of a simple libido. Lust occupies a whole part of our mass culture, it is above all present in the series and the publicity. This hedonism has been set up as an art of living, except that in doing so, it has turned us away from the multisecular heritage of traditions that made restriction and a form of sacrifice the gateways to a higher being.

The wanton sex, because it constituted the prerogative of the aristocracy under the Old Regime, it acquired a status which made it desirable in the eyes of the subaltern classes. Sex was moreover one of the manifestations of the symbolic power conferred notably to the man on the woman, to the master on the slave, to the lord on his subject, to the dominant finally on the dominated.

Sex being considered as the emanation of power and domination, one understands from then on how much it became desirable by the rest of the population. The cults have tried to contain the libidinal expression, but the attraction for sex has never declined until it exploded with the advent of a consumer society.

The consumption of bodies appeared as the embodiment of an egalitarian project, the people could indulge in concupiscence as much as the elites did. This unbridled pursuit of the pleasures of the flesh was inexorably accompanied by an impoverishment of the qualities of the heart which finds its expression at all levels of a society adrift.

Unbridled sex alienates both the subject and the object. The partner is no longer a person, but an object that is used as one pleases like a vulgar instrument of pleasure. The dehumanization of crowds that we are witnessing necessarily creates a void to which it is difficult not to remain indifferent.

The fetishization of the partner (by the power it confers) destroys the love and the spirit of humanity which should prevail in all societies. The moral regression caused by mass and excessive sexualization distracts us from our true nature, which is noble when our heart is in control.

Reconnecting with a certain tradition that makes the sexual act sacred could be salvific in a society plagued by doubts and procrastination. To renew with the sacred in its more general sense would give again a skeleton, a spinal column to a society whose population that the debauchery made servile.

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