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What Is The Vast View Of Life?


Tough times, joyful moments, sweet, bitter… a colorful carpet that we call it “Life”, these moments are so tied into each other that you could not choose one and neglect the other.

So why do we tend to choose the happy moments and reject the bitter events? What would be like, a life filled with joy and excitement? Is there any harmony in seemingly opposite flavors of life? What is the motive behind this flee from painful moments?

I make you sure, I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I have few suggestions. Naming events could be tricky and could make you numb instead of having the best reaction. The best try would be to watch the connection of events and get used to the mixed taste of life before limiting your taste to one specific flavor. Questioning the fixed frames would be the prior step to see the reality of events, and coming out of a focused lense to be able to see the wide view.

It may not always give you the answer to your quest, if you are still looking at life while projecting your ideas and ideals on life.

Therefore leaving enough space to not know the results of the priory would be also beneficial to learn from the flow of life, and in the end your perspective should not only be vast in 3 dimensions, but also vast in 4 dimensions by taking time in consideration. This would give you a wide perspective of life, if you keep watching the life passage in time and not get stuck at a point of your sad or joyful moment.

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