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The Power Of The Forbidden

Each culture has forged itself throughout its history through rules and prohibitions, such as incest, cannibalism and murder. These rules have contributed to a common base on which a society has developed. There is a certain strength in living with prohibitions because it gives us a framework and a direction. We all live with prohibitions that have been imposed on us by laws and religious taboos. The problem is that we live with fewer and fewer rules in order to be freer. Is this really the case?

The Forbidden As A Means Of Cohabitation

The forbidden is by definition constraining, however it paradoxically allows to reach a form of freedom by the surpassing of oneself that it implies. If you lived in a society without laws or rules, you would not live in what we can call a society. You would be constantly left with your inclinations and desires, you would be an element among others of the ambient chaos. It is because there are rules and you conform to them that a human group can live smoothly. Without rules, it is the law of the strongest that applies and it only pleases a minority.

The Forbidden As A Means Of Emancipation

It is because there is a framework that you are educated and disciplined. This is what differentiates the wild vine from the vine that grows in a winery. Why can the framework be an instrument of our emancipation? Because it forces us to develop certain skills. If you can’t use brute force in social interactions you will develop social intelligence to get your way. If stealing is forbidden, you will develop skills that will allow you to trade them for a wage. If you can’t force someone to like you, you’ll have to become a better person so that they may eventually fall in love with you. And so on.

The Need To Set Boundaries For Yourself

What distinguishes two men is the number of rules and prohibitions they have managed to comply with. The more you create a framework for yourself, the more potential you have to develop your qualities. If you want to channel your life energy in the best possible way, you must be able to reserve it for a well-defined framework.

Set The Right Limits For Yourself

Meditation is a powerful tool, one that can teach us how to become better citizens, wiser individuals, and more mindful people, while also helping us understand our own limits and draw boundaries that keep us from causing harm to ourselves and others. By understanding our own limitations and accepting the restraints that come with profound wisdom and careful consideration, we can create a sense of peace and order within our lives.

It is often said that any restriction is a form of suffering, yet there are scenarios in which such constraints are a necessary evil. If we are to grow as individuals and as a society, we must learn to accept certain guidelines and restraints in order to promote a sense of order and responsibility. Understanding our limits and prohibitions can provide an invaluable source of discipline and personal development.

The best way to meditate on the challenges presented to us by our constraints is to visualize each limitation as a stream of energy. Don’t consider it an obstacle or a hindrance, but rather a beneficial challenge that is providing structure and direction. View these restrictions as bridges that provide a sense of scaffolding, allowing us to keep progressing even as we maintain a sense of balance and purpose.

In all areas of life, it is important to introduce boundaries, rules, and regulations that ensure a path of progress and progressiveness. But it is not feasible to obey any restrictions without understanding the ramifications of our actions and our choices. That is why it is important to meditate well on the limits and prohibitions we give ourselves — to foster a healthy and balanced understanding of the boundaries and obstacles that can eventually lead to a better and healthier individual, and consequently a better and healthier world.

At the end of the day, understanding our limitations is key in order to reduce harm we cause to others. For example, if we focus on building a better living environment for ourselves and others, it could lead to a more harmonious and fulfilling existence. Likewise, if we take the time to be more mindful of the restrictions we impose on ourselves, the chances of us hurting anyone will be drastically reduced.

By meditating on our own limitations and restrictions, we can gain a greater understanding of how we can become better people while reducing the harm we cause to others.

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