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Your Word, Your Power


A word or verb has energy. A truthful word creates trust and respect. Conversely, a word that is insincere or unsupported by facts creates mistrust and a lack of respect.

This is how humanity has functioned for centuries: a word that is insincere or tarnishes the reputation of others could mean death for the person who uttered it.

The strength of speech or voice is found in the origin of some contemporary words. Thus, the word “vocation” was the voice of God addressed to people to follow a religious path. Originally, this term had only a religious connotation; it was only later used to designate the call one felt to exercise a profession.

In a society where writing is becoming more important, speech tends to lose its value: only what is written is truly valued. There are many reasons for the predominance of writing. One of them is that historically, writing made it possible to administer conquered regions: to levy taxes (tribute) and to standardize the administration of annexed lands. This explains in particular the maintenance of the vendetta in certain regions of Italy, being associated with the idea of a pre-existing oral code as opposed to the written law being considered an exogenous and acculturating force.

Should we nevertheless give in to logorrhoea? Can we draw inspiration from our close and distant ancestors? Is there an additional virtue in practicing a thrifty and truthful word?

The word is magical since it is in itself a vibration. First sound, then energy. As such, there is a Japanese tradition of the art of shouting: kiaijutsu. 気 , “ki” means internal energy, the soul, the spirit or the will and 合 , “ai” means to gather, to reunite. The cry or the word can sometimes galvanize friends and sometimes disarm the enemy.

The word is the energetic projection of our inner vibration. Often, when we talk too much, we exhaust ourselves. You can electrify your troops if you are a business leader-, you can give tonus. However, we must know how to use it intelligently. There can be in speech, the capture by others of our internal energy. Sometimes we don’t want to talk to protect ourselves, but circumstances prevent us from doing so, i.e. if we have to respond to an angry customer or someone with whom we have a contractual relationship. Our voice is blocked at the throat.  We, can’t speak with our “belly” how we used to exhaust ourselves through the word according to Japanese tradition.

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