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Make As Few Day-To-Day Decisions As Possible

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Your brain has limited capabilities. One of the best ways to tire it out is to make trivial decisions throughout the day, such as choosing which pants you will wear or answering unimportant questions etc.

These micro decisions affect your ability to think about more important matters that require much more cognitive ability.

Imagine that your brain is a computer on which several applications are running. When you want to launch an application that consumes a lot of RAM (for example, a video game in high definition), the other applications that are running in the background slow down the execution of this software.
To make the best use of this program, you need to eliminate the execution of these other small programs that interfere with your performance. The same goes for your brain, if you are constantly preoccupied with trivial or average topics, you prevent yourself from making the best cognitive resources available for the most important issues of your life.

How do you combat these micro-decisions?

There are three things to do: take care of your brain, identify, eliminate or neglect.

Your brain needs several things in order to operate optimally: mainly rest and nutrients, which is why you need to monitor your sleep (rest well every night), and eat a balanced diet. On the other hand, you need to think about protecting your brain from negative emotions on a daily basis, as these will also affect your cognitive “performance”.

Identify :

Most often, you are bombarded with messages you are sent, unimportant questions you are asked or you ask yourself.

All of these questions and queries, you need to be able to see them as second-level choices. You need to know what is most important and identify all those things that are not.

Eliminate or neglect:

Once you have identified what is most or least important, you must eliminate or neglect what is not important as much as possible. Ideally, you should delegate these trivial things, but not all of us have the opportunity to do so. Therefore it is necessary to neglect them first in order to concentrate on the most important things, ideally every morning so that you can concentrate on the most creative tasks of your day. Creation requires the most resources for your brain, and the same goes for the most important issues in your life. These questions require the utmost care and therefore sometimes a creative response is necessary to be able to solve them.

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