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Let Us Count Our Blessings


The unfavorable circumstances of life lead us to see the glass as half empty even though our blessings often outnumber our misfortunes. We simply need to open our eyes or simply look in the right place. The brain is wired to adapt to good and bad situations alike. This faculty of habituation is sometimes regrettable since it leads us to take for granted what is not taken for granted and thus neglect what is most precious to us. The pandemic has spread sadness in many hearts. The consequences of this situation can be brutal. But we must learn to appreciate again what we have left behind. Even though the situation may seem desperate, there is always something positive to hold on to. We must relearn to look at life with the right perspective despite these circumstances. Our salvation in these difficult times lies in the ability to cultivate gratitude in our hearts so that we can once again observe the sunbeams that pierce the dark clouds of existence.

Difficult days make us more humble and they force us to appreciate what we no longer look at. Desiring life as it used to be can only generate anguish and frustration. We can choose to be happy right now by ignoring past exaltations. In this way we could simply list those blessings we enjoy today when they are not eternal. Here is a non-exhaustive list of questions that can make us aware of how lucky we are if we answer in the affirmative:
Am I healthy?
Are my loved ones healthy?
Am I eating enough to eat?
Is my country at peace?
Do I have a roof over my head when I go to sleep at night?
Can I access knowledge and training through the internet and other means?
Can I talk on the phone or by videoconference to people I value?
Do I have time to reflect on my life to see how I can improve it?
Do I have loved ones around me?
Do I have the energy to do new things?
Can I work on any dimension of my life, be it intellectual, emotional or physical?

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