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Getting Closer To Perfection Is Not Now But In 5 Years

We tend to overestimate the results we can achieve in the short term while underestimating the results we can achieve in the long term.

Perfection is not an end in itself, it’s just a target towards which to strive to make ourselves better.

The Cumulative Effect Of Our Actions

If you do something every day for a long time, it will become second nature and part of you. Repetition creates new neural pathways that, once consolidated, make information flow quickly. The whole point of habits is to rewire your brain. This is why it takes time, but after a certain amount of time, you can achieve an exponential improvement in your results or experience a step-by-step progression.

What Differentiates Two Individuals Is Essentially Their Brain

The brain is the seat of our world. It is thanks to it that we create the representation of our environment. Everything we perceive is then filtered by our brain, which is why two different people will interpret the same event differently, for example.

Emotions Are A Reflection Of Our Level Of Consciousness

We oscillate daily between different emotions that form a spectrum. However, there is one emotion that dominates us and that corresponds to the median emotion of this spectrum. The habits we have, as well as other factors, condition this dominant emotion.

The Need To Raise Our Level Of Consciousness

Each emotion is associated with a level of consciousness in that it is a symptom of something deeper. Thus, a person who lives in envy most of the time will perceive the world in a disappointing way. Another person who lives in anger will see the world with hostility. Conversely, someone who lives in love will perceive the world in a beneficial way. Needless to say, the ability to create (or produce) and the quality of that creation will be quite different depending on our level of consciousness.

Producing In The Best Possible Way

Producing is conditioned by an intimate work, the work of our human qualities (/virtues). If we have not resolved the resentments and frustrations that we carry within us, all the creations that we can make will be tinged with such emotions. As they say: There is no evolution without involution or there is no creation worthy of the name without metamorphosis or inner elevation.

5 Years To Lay The Right Foundations For A Life

A house needs a good foundation to be built properly and so does the life we lead. If you are given 5 hours to cut a tree, spend 4 hours sharpening your saw.
If you can manage to have the discipline to confront yourself with important rigor in all spheres of life for 5 years, you will have the possibility to transform the trajectory of your life for good. Why 5 years? Simply because you will divide these five years into 5 themes corresponding to your life:
– courage (heart) / work: develop your will and nobility of heart (morality) through the habit of hard work
– intellect: become someone who is curious: improve your critical mind by reading in particular
– relational : improve your knowledge of human nature through travel and social activities
– the vocational : find the job that suits you based on your experiences (you spend a year exploring all the skills that could interest you to develop and deepen them if needed)
– the spiritual: you spend this year deepening your spiritual dimension

Each of these dimensions must be translated into a series of concrete habits (e.g. reading, exercising, meditating etc.). Once these foundations are in place, you can grow like a majestic tree.

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