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From Alpha To Phi Male (α -> φ)

From the caveman age to the one of modernity

Human beings are often described as apes to understand better their behavior in a group or in any social interactions. Some theories have emerged, especially in the field of seduction, in order to understand better the interactions between opposite sexes.
The issue by doing this is that we restrict analyzing the human brain to its reptilian (survival instincts, breathing, etc.) and mammalian parts (emotions and feelings) as we ignore the main part of our brain which is our neocortex which represents 80% of our brain capacity and controls perception, abstraction and memory, in particular. In a way, by espousing these theories we limit our capacity. Indeed, if we believe that man and women only interact on the emotional or instinctive level, we are doomed to replicate the same errors of the past and let patriarchy rule all society. By thinking this way, we become essentialists, which prevents us from tapping into the whole potential of the human brain, and because we compare ourselves to mammals we limit our capacities to theirs.

Why is it essential to think of manhood as phi and not alpha?

Phi is the Greek letter for the symbol of philosophy and harmony (because it represents the golden figure ≈ 1,68). As human beings entered in the path of progress a long time ago, we shouldn’t let them be stuck by their belief of being cursed by their animal instincts but instead foster them to pursue harmony with other species through, namely, philosophy.

Phi means cooperation and empathy while alpha means dominance and violence. This doesn’t mean that phi males become females, there will always be natural differences between men and women, but this little contrast is an enrichment toward human diversity and should never be a reason for submission or hierarchy between the sexes. There are more things that link us than separates us, but when we adhere to animal-based theory we widen this gap.

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