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Find Your Epiphany


We live off-center lives. We miss our true potential at times and we can feel like a helpless spectator of our lives racing by. This feeling is often only temporary, but when it does occur, it is unpleasant. How can we regain control of the cockpit? Who flies when we are absent? If you don’t like the autopilot, you have to make the pilot regain control.

The horizon is not always gloomy, but it is up to you to take action to make this change. You may find inspiration elsewhere, but in the end, it’s up to you to look straight ahead, you can’t be content with the passenger window.

Faced with such a challenge, we don’t know where to start, we find it hard to digest our disappointments, yet we are forced to move forward. You can listen to lectures, read books, but they cannot replace a moment of epiphany that does not result from an effort of intellectualization but rather from an encounter with the sensitive. A direct approach would be to leave everything behind and look for somewhere else. This whirlwind will be able to release an energy that will allow us to live such a moment. That said, this is not always true, and we end up recreating at the end of the world our habits, our problems have made the journey with us in our head. Epiphany is not necessarily a change of scenery. It is better than that, it is a “change of interior tapestry”. You see differently, because you knew how to nourish your heart. You can provoke this inner encounter by practicing disinterested action.
The generous actions, carried out with good grace dilate the heart and thus the soul. Repeated at will, they will become like second nature, you will rise spiritually, which is conducive to the appearance of an epiphany.

Imagine the epiphany like snowflakes suddenly falling on a winter evening in a Mediterranean country. You know it exists, yet you have never touched it with your fingers. Actions of benevolence are like leaving your home. If you stay at home, you will never be able to touch it, so you have to try and luck will smile at you because you have taken the trouble.

There is no point in taking revenge on others, blaming your parents for your mistreatment or your neighbor if you cannot find peace. Peace is to be sought deep within yourself, it is a work within yourself, no one will be able to do it for you. If you are sincere in your approach, you will be able to get there sooner than you had hoped.

The wind may shake your hair, but it’s up to you not to turn your head and keep your eyes fixed on the love you can give.

Your mind works like a beam of light, the more you focus it in one direction, the more you have the ability to penetrate the essence of things, so make good use of it by deciding in which direction you want to direct your mind.

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