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Does Your Work Support Your Values?


Our energy is limited and we spend most of it on our work. So it is important to ask ourselves if this energy is used for good or if it contributes to making the world a better place, at least from our perspective.

We all need to work to live, but we must not let this necessity make us forget the reason for our existence. We should be grateful for what we earn, but that does not prevent us from being critical of the outcome of our efforts in the end. A job is not just a livelihood, it should be the place where we live our deepest values. It is one of the prerequisites for happiness. The amount of time spent at work should not be wasted in an activity that has no meaning for us, it would be a kind of sacrilege.

By outlining the causes you wish to serve, you will clearly define the values you wish to live by. Is the organization you work for remotely similar to what you are looking for? What could change in your job so that you do more of what is important to you?

There is no absolute right or wrong side per se, the world should not be approached from a dualistic perspective. On the other hand, there is a side that supports and embodies your values, while there is an opposite side that does not move you in the direction you want. Knowing how to question our professional situation and its adequacy with our values at different times of our life allows us to get back on track.
Without this requirement, we end up living someone else’s life.

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