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Make The Right Choices And Let Your Faith Strengthen Them


When making a decision in good conscience, it is wise to detach yourself from the outcome. The key is to make sure that the original intention behind the action was right. An intention associated with an action is like a seed that you plant. Once in the ground, there is nothing to do but wait. There is another necessary ingredient which is the sun which corresponds to our faith or simply our trust. Trust acts with apparent passivity, it is in reality a silent manifestation of great intensity. If we are sure of our good intention, our faith will grow and this will give us courage to wait and we will resist the urge to give up.

Our intention is the primary force behind an action. We tend to forget or neglect our intentions since we live in a society of action. Yet, intention should be carefully considered before a major decision. Indeed, intention is what ultimately gives the true face to an action. In the long run, it is only the initial intention that manifests itself. Therefore, we must go beyond appearances to understand what is behind our own choices in order to ensure their positive outcome. It is not always easy to do our own self-analysis, especially if we are not used to doing introspective work. However, it is essential to progress, at the risk of repeating the same mistakes. The effort of daily questioning that we impose on ourselves should help us to facilitate this work: if we become aware of the bad intention that is hidden behind one of our choices, we will simply have to refrain from carrying out this action.

Of course, we should not live in a certain paranoia, we should be aware that we are not perfect. Nevertheless, we get into the habit of observing ourselves and refraining from carrying out malicious actions, then gradually we will vibrate to another state of consciousness, which will be able to bring us to other levels of realization in our life.

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