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Think Twice Before Taking Your Own Life…


2 reasons not to kill yourself

1.You Will No Longer Be Able To Change The Course Of Things In The Afterlife

Whether you believe in life after death or not, there is still uncertainty about it.

If you choose to end your life, you stop the course of your story, that is, you become a spectator of what you could have changed. Imagine that you continue to live in the other world after this regrettable act, you will have to endure the long spectacle of your contemporaries’ lives. Perhaps you will think, “Gee, I could have done this, I could have done that”. Ending your life is like losing in the pool phase and then watching the other teams play their way to the final. You won’t know the joys of a longer life, you’ll be stuck on the bench passively watching the course of other people’s lives unfold before your eyes.

2.You Will Bring Grief To Those Around You

Of course there are times when we feel alone and misunderstood by everyone. You want to escape this uncomfortable situation and sometimes the idea of suicide can cross your mind. Nevertheless, if you do it, you will cause irreparable harm to your loved ones regardless of your relationship with them. You won’t be able to comfort them. It’s not like an argument you can come back from. You put between you and your loved ones both absence and silence, which are both immeasurable tortures. You will perhaps cry from where you are, you will lament your inability to comfort them, you will blame yourself for having put them in such a situation. You will be on the other side and you will no longer have control over the physical things of the world here below. Perhaps you will be able to send your love or your prayers from the other side, but that may be little consolation to someone who would have preferred you to take him in your arms or say a few words to him.

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