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How do you self-generate?

We are all born once, but how many of us manage to be born a second time? What does it mean to be born a second time? It is simply finding the path to awakening, that is, seeing the light again, this time in a metaphysical way.

The first birth

When we are born, we have not asked anything of anyone, at least consciously. Our coming to earth is undoubtedly motivated by a necessity, that of atoning for our karma or something else depending on whether we belong to one spiritual tradition or another. The life we have been given is chosen by our parents, and with them we begin a path of life in society: learning to speak, respecting others, in short, everything that is necessary for our fulfilment here below. What about our blossoming with the world of the subtle and the impalpable?

When we arrive on earth, some of us are tempted to go further and wish to make etheric connections with angels or purer beings. To achieve such a connection, we must undergo a process of purification in order to see another light, even more dazzling than that of the day we were born.

The Second Birth

The second birth is very similar to the first: we are not alone, we need people to guide us and we need to enter a gestation phase.

The need to find masters

Just as we all have a biological mother and father, the second birth requires us to search for our spiritual parent. We can start by reading inspirational books and listening to online lectures to begin to educate our minds. Then, if we have the opportunity, we can try to get in touch with someone more advanced in the spiritual field who can show us the way. This is a difficult phase because there are many charlatans out there who pretend to be something they are not in order to get money out of you or take advantage of you. Be vigilant if you find that money is an important part of your relationship with this person or if you feel uncomfortable in your dealings.

Being born a second time

Not all of us aspire to be born a second time, as we are often busy with mundane tasks. Nevertheless, the real meaning of our coming to earth is to make us progress on the spiritual path, which is why our unconscious being is directed towards this even if on the surface our thoughts are turned towards something else.

To be born a second implies to have overcome our inferior nature and thus all our thoughts are turned towards a high ideal made of harmony and compassion. In order to achieve this level of consciousness, one must make daily efforts, all under the benevolent eye of a coach or guru (spiritual guide), you may call him/her as you wish.

Second birth, new responsibilities

If the first birth obliged you to become social and integrate perfectly into the world that saw you born, the second birth is quite different. You must break away from the logic of your first birth to embrace the solemn commitment to recreate paradise on earth. Paradise on earth exists, you have found it, now you must educate others to see this divine piece of heaven that is there before their eyes.

The earth is a garden that only wants to live in harmony

Different religious traditions give a different meaning to evil. Where monotheisms equate it with the opposite of good, Eastern cults make it a component in its own right (e.g. Taoism). Whether one defines oneself as belonging to one faith or another, one can agree on the fact that evil is an unpleasant experience unless it is used as material to transform oneself.

Enlightened people function like trees

Evil exists but it can be transformed into assimilable carbon dioxide if you choose to learn photosynthesis. An enlightened person is no more and no less than an individual who has decided to become a tree. In such a configuration, the once deadly carbon dioxide becomes the fuel for your development. The problem is not so much the gas or the evil, it is our inability to transform it, hence the importance of learning to be born a second time.

If you don’t want to become a tree, you will have to wear an oxygen mask all your life

If learning photosynthesis isn’t your thing, you’re going to risk living with something that you can’t transform. This can be a burden, especially if we are not strong enough. You have to face the evil gradually so that you are not overwhelmed. Having a different philosophy from those who fight us is often the best way to triumph.

Living in the shadows for a few years

To be able to change, you need to be able to make an inner transformation, which means going into seclusion, which can take the form of a cocoon. Even if nothing is visible on the outside, you are initiating a change that will be lasting and that will allow you to gain height. For this to happen, you must accept to live a little in the shadows: for there to be an evolution, there must be an involution. Everything that manifests itself on the outside is no more and no less than the consequence of what has been developed on the inside. To recreate paradise on Earth, one must first create it in one’s heart and mind and then let this interiority express itself.

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