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Finding Infinity In The Finiteness


The human is a finite being with infinite needs. The quest for glory and eternity are two examples of desires associated with infinity. Faced with the inability to satisfy such needs, we live most of our time with feelings of frustration and discontent. How can we solve this problem when these desires seem to be the ones that differentiate them from other species – a fortiori that they push us to accomplish things that we would not otherwise do?

The quest for infinity is everyone’s own, there is nevertheless a way to satisfy it, and it consists mainly in adhering to beliefs in which infinity has a predominant place. It is moreover in the face of the finiteness of life that religions thrive by proposing a discourse of eternity. Thus, even if our life were to be limited in time, we would have the possibility of creating infinity as long as we choose to do so. Of course, religions do not have a monopoly in this field, they have rather confined themselves to existential questions. There are fields such as mathematics or philosophy which have infinity as one of their objects of study. This allows one to solve equations and the other to reflect on another answer to the questions of existence.

The postulate of eternal existence is not always more attractive than that of finitude. Indeed, infinity is the realm of quantity where the finite can become the realm of intensity, of depth because of its finitude. This is how the finite can “beat” the infinite, as long as the finite is offered.

∫a(t) dt (from 0 – birth – to a finite value) > ∫b(t)dt (from 0 to infinity)
t : moment of our existence
a: life lived with depth
b: life led with insignificance

Thus, a life well lived is worth 10,000 more. A day well lived is worth a life. The trap is to give in to the idea that, the intensity is in the pleasure. This idea is widespread because it serves a capitalist purpose. Without the search for pleasure, there are no products or services to sell. Pleasure is the realm of the ephemeral, its satiation leads only to temporary satisfaction. This is why the ideology of pleasure, hedonism, is only an endless race towards the multiplication of experiences. The true value, synonymous with depth, is joy, it is the encounter with our own holiness. It is the work of making the eternal – the divine – live in our hearts. One moment of joy exceeds thousands of moments of pleasure, it is true ecstasy*, that is to say the “exit from oneself” and from the sensitive world.

If you seek eternity, you must find your own definition of depth and live according to it. By doing so, you will be able to take the weight of frustration off your shoulders and you will be able to die at any moment, with a light heart.

*the meaning of the word “ecstasy” today is devoted, it is associated with the idea of intense sensual pleasure, which is the opposite of its original meaning which is the overcoming of the world of the senses.

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