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Feeling Mediocre Can Be Your Main Asset


We are daily spectators of the flamboyant, or at least apparent, success of various people primarily from the world of entertainment. Moreover, the game of comparisons that social media create, whether professional or simply personal, can root deep inside us the idea that our lives are not meaningful and that we are not achieving anything great. This impression, although at first glance it may seem like suffering, can be the seed of an incredible humility that is conducive to creation and surpassing oneself.

What is the pitfall on which the most ambitious break through? Is it not contentment or self-satisfaction that leads to resting on one’s laurels?

The greatest of this world have accomplished feats because they were not fully aware of themselves. They were constantly absorbed by their work and had developed a certain amount of dissatisfaction with their time that pushed them to constantly question themselves and finally to surpass themselves.

The dissatisfaction or even affliction that you can sometimes feel, especially when you let yourself go in the game of comparisons, must be seen above all as a quality. This trait can be fruitful if it does not lead to paralysis. Thus, dissatisfaction, if it is to be healthy, must be combined with a dose of optimism and self-confidence to take action and overcome the pitfalls.

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