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Talk To People As If These Were The Last Words You Would Ever Say To Them


Awareness of death when it is about oneself is necessary to make the best choices and get to the point. Knowing that we are mortal pushes us to give more meaning to our lives and avoid dwelling on certain trivialities. It is the same when we talk to someone whether they are close to us or not. We can choose to be a ray of sunshine on a dull day or a new cloud that darkens the sky of our interlocutor. To be as radiant as possible, you must be humble and loving. How can the divine express itself in us if we let our ego crush it?

To be loving, it is sometimes enough to think of the fragility of life and to say to oneself that our interlocutor could only have a few hours to live. How can we then behave unfairly or severely if we think we are talking to a condemned man who is about to take the great leap into the unknown?

Benevolence implies expressing oneself with an intimate awareness of death and telling oneself that it can strike at any moment. If you think this way, you will leave a mark of purity wherever you go. You will be a messenger from heaven who will contribute to more peace between people, you will not be the one who adds trouble to the hearts of those who are burdened with worry.

By doing so, by these small daily good deeds, by your words, you will purify yourself and sow understanding and harmony wherever you go. There are more things that unite men than those that separate them. What separates us is often only egoism, ignorance, and a refusal to see that we are all linked by an invisible link, that of cosmic energy.

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