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You Are A Star Plunged Into Anonymity


Imagine that you have been plunged into the past and forgotten your future glories. You will be an eminent scientist, an artist who will be remembered by posterity, or a Nobel Prize winner, but you don’t know it. You have come back in time to enjoy the sweetness of an incognito life. At least that is what providence offers you as a reward for the benefits you have brought to the community.

You remain a seed of genius that you ignore. Your daily life resembles thousands of others. This seed of originality will nevertheless grow because you will have known how to nourish it properly, by providing a lot of work and by refusing to compromise.

The incredible thing is that we all have the possibility to build an extraordinary destiny. For some it will be harder because there will be many obstacles in their way, but these obstacles will often become stepping stones if we look at them with a different eye.

A bright future awaits us if we preserve the seed of our authenticity and do not give in to the urge to replace it with a transgenic germ that certainly grows, but will never produce new fruit. We are tempted to disguise our essence in order to better resist the aggressiveness of a hostile world that does not tolerate difference. However, if we have the patience to resist the temptation of conformity, we can come to meet our lucky star.

The seed grows thanks to the nutrients it already has within it. Water and light are only the trigger for its growth. Use this image to reconnect with your own destiny.

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